About Us

AquariaKnowledge was founded on October 8th, 2017 to become the premier knowledge system for all aspects of freshwater, brackish, and saltwater environments. We always make sure to keep our knowledge of articles for those that are just starting out with their first setup, to those that have been in the hobby for a lifetime. Our commitment to providing the foundation to understanding the species of fish, aquatic plants, and invertebrates will allow for anyone to take the proper care of whatever species they want properly. Knowledge about the aquatic world is always growing as new methods of care, breeding, and even species are being discovered almost daily. AquariaKnowledge and it's team are dedicated to providing you with all of the most recent methods and information that is passed down from our communication with experts who are both in the field, those who specialize in sustainable breeding methods around the world, and those that are discovering the new care requirements.

Our dedicated team is available to help you out with any possible question that you may have. You may also receive help with any possible question you may have to visiting our community, which is open to the public to share new ideas and meet other members. All that is required to join our community is for you to register an account, as we do not allow for guest posting anywhere. Plus, you have the ability to not only to get to know the team but also to meet others around the world who share in the same hobby!