Freshwater can be defined under two different groups, each with their own requirements, care, and livestock selections. There can be adverse effects if you place the incorrect group into the other group which can range from a shortened lifespan, lethargic or rapid metabolism changes, to even death in some situations.

  • Tropical species tend to have have temperature requirements above 75 oF (24 oC), are kept in many household tanks, and tend to live a shorter lifespan than their coldwater counterparts.
  • Coldwater species tend to have temperature requirements below 68 oF (20 oC), are commonly kept in large tanks or ponds due to their size and waste requirements, and tend to live a much longer lifespan than their tropical counterparts.

The earliest known freshwater pond was created by the Sumerians, while other ancient groups including the Assyrians, Egyptians, and even Romans kept freshwater fish as pets. This lead to years later in the late 1800s for the widespread interest in keeping fish alive in aquariums for decoration and educational purposes. This lead to glass jars, porcelain containers, tubs, and even small created ponds to be constructed to hold freshwater fish, plants, invertebrate, and amphibians. As the years progressed better care, food, and equipment was created in order to simulate the natural environment to provide the best care possible in an artificial setup.

Freshwater is normally the first stepping stone to those who want to keep any type of aquatic animal, as many of the species are extremely hardy when it comes to conditions changing, many are extremely peaceful which allow for beautiful community tanks, and they are extremely easy to care for as long as their requirement(s) are met.

We provide species profiles for all livestock that one can house in a freshwater setup in this section, and allow for you to quick research what the care required is and any possible conflict with any species you may have already. This allows for you to make a decision over time by selecting the perfect livestock for a tank, or to quickly make a smart decision and buy one that will adjust well.