Protect the Environment - Understanding Invasive Species

Being a responsible hobbyist extends beyond your aquarium or water garden. In many cases this includes making sure that any dead plant matter, snails, or even fish are properly taken care of and disposed correctly. These may seem like very basic steps, however if not done they can result in invasive species being introduced to your local waterways.

Do Not Release any aquarium or water garden plants, fish, invertebrates, or amphibians into any aquatic environments such as local lakes, streams, ponds, or into the ocean. The given species may out compete the current species and can damage the wildlife that would normally be present inside of the water.

Please Do Your Part to protect our environment. Do research before you buy a fish, invertebrate, plant, or corals. Some species may be wild caught and not providing them the correct environment can result in not only having something become a tad sick, but also fatally ill.

What to do with unwanted fish, plants, corals, or invertebrates:

  1. Trade or give to another aquarist who has the equipment to handle the given species.
  2. Donate to a local aquarium, elementary school, or biology department. This can provide the understanding and care while allowing for others to be able to learn about keeping wild species in an artificial environment.
  3. Sell or return to a aquarium shop. Most commonly local aquarium stores will be more understanding then big box chain stores.

Proper disposal of unwanted plants includes drying, burning, composting or sealing in a plastic bag for disposal in household trash.

Learn to Recognize Commonly-Used Species that are Invasive as many common species can be banned inside of your region. Please do your research before buying any species online as it can lead to other issues later when trying to cross regional borders, or having your shipment arrive correctly.

AquariaKnowledge is a partner of Habitattitude in helping spread the awareness of protecting our environment by not releasing any aquatic matter into wild environments.