Raising Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp is a highly popular food that is given to fry of almost all species due to the nutritional value is provides. Allow for the brine shrimp to reach their adult stage however will allow for them to also be a beneficial meal for all inhabitants.

Starting Requirements

In order to start growing brine shrimp in your own setup you may need to have a clean, unused container, airline tubing, an air stone or bubble wand, an air pump, a bag of sea salt, a thermometer, brine shrimp eggs, a light source, and either another container or shrimp yeast, egg yolks, or spirulina.

  1. Add a water source that has no chlorine in it (make sure to use a water conditioner if so, or use bottled water) and pour it into the container.
  2. Calculate how big your container is and mixed the correct amount of salt into the container, making sure to mix the water and salt around until it is fully dissolved.Place the thermometer inside of the water container in a good spot, as we need to make sure that the water stays around 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit (22.22-23.89 degrees Celsius) at all times.
  3. Connect the air pump to the airline tubing, making sure to have one end connected to an air stone or bubble wand. Place this inside of the container, making sure that the air pump is turned on an extremely low setting (we only want water movement so that the water does not get stagnant and also so that the oxygen does not get depleted).
  4. Add no more than a quarter of teaspoon of brine shrimp eggs into the water, making sure that the eggs spread around the whole container and not just in one spot.

Feeding and Care

Brine Shrimp are just like another type of smaller creature, they still require that they are fed a proper diet to grow up to their full size. By feeding them a very rich diet, all of that nutrition is passed down to the fry that is being fed.

  1. While they are below the size of roughly 1/8 of an inch, we want to feed them spirulina every two days, or when the water clears up and is not cloudy anymore.
  2. Once they grow past this size, we can feed them extremely small amounts of egg yolk, a super small drop will be enough to feed them for the full two days.

We highly recommend that you avoid using any type of filter, as it will catch the brine shrimp if they are small enough. Make sure to do regular water changes to keep the water quality at its highest, along with harvesting them on a regular basis (if you don't want to lose any adult brine shrimp, then use a shrimp net when removing water to catch any).