Raising Microworms

Microworms are small nematode worms that grow to be approximately 0.5-1.5 mm in total length and are an excellent food source for fry. Microworms are extremely easy to grow at home and are highly recommended for fish that have fry that are too big to eat infusoria and too small for brine shrimp.

Starting Requirements

In order to start growing microworms in your own setup you may need to have a clean, unused container, a lid for the container, a starter culture of microworms, and lastly a food source to feed the microworms.

  1. Find a starter culture. Many aquarium stores or aquarium groups should be a good place to get the culture from, otherwise you can try buying online.
  2. Provide the microworms with a food source. An example of a popular food source would be 1 cup of quick oats mixed with 1 and 1/4 cup of warm water.
  3. Place the food inside of the container, making sure that the food is not too warm otherwise it will kill all of the microworms.
  4. Add the starter culture of microworms into the container, placing the lid on the container and moving it towards an area that is warm. The warmer it is the faster they will grow, and the colder the air is the slower they will grow.
  5. In a few weeks you should see small microworms crawling on the sides of the container. Removing the ones visible to the side of the container will allow for the culture to stay alive for a longer period of time.

Feeding and Care

  1. The food source that is provided should start to rot within a few weeks (depending on the temperature of the food). At this stage we will need to clean out the container, and apply new food to keep our culture alive.
  2. Try to collect as many microworms as you can from the dirty container and place them in a temporary container.
  3. Clean out the main container making sure to remove any rotting food fully.
  4. Provide the microworms with a new food source (this can be the same food source as before or a totally different type of recipe).