Raising Wingless Fruit Flies

Wingless fruit flies are a great food source for those fish who would normally prey on insects that would land on the water's surface, or have a main natural diet of them eating various types of insects. To avoid the issue of having the fly be able to simple swim off of the water's surface when fed, we tend to use wingless varieties when compared to their normal, winged family members. Growing these wingless flies it not complicated at all, and it can be very beneficial to those fish who might be extremely picky eaters when it comes to live food and processed foods.

Starting Requirements

In order to start growing wingless fruit flies in your own setup you may need to have a clean, ventilated container that has a strong fitting ring, a food source that is either homemade or bought online, and a fruit fly culture (check any local aquarium shops, online, or even in other pet stores which may carry them).

  1. Either create or buy something that will allow for the flies to be able to crawl into the food medium with ease that should go from the bottom of the container to the top of the container.
  2. Add the food source into the container and make sure that it only fills the bottom portion of this container to about 1 inch (2.54 centimeters).
  3. Add the wingless fruit flies into the container.
  4. Place a cloth over the top of the ventilated cover on your container which will allow for the flies to not escape since they can even in the smallest of holes.

Feeding and Care

In order for them to grow up to their full size, we must feed them a proper diet so that they can be a rich diet for when you feed them to our inhabitants.

  1. Once they are fully developed and turn into fruit flies, we are able to remove some to use a food. Make sure to keep a few flies alive since they will need to reproduce and keep our culture alive.
  2. If you notice the food getting low, try to top it off if possible to the same amount as when we started.
  3. If the container gets extremely dirty, try to find another container to transfer them into so you can wash out the current container.

It may seem very tempting to start over when you see a lot of maggots crawling all over the container, however this is normal and is just a phase in their transformation. Make sure to have the cloth over the ventilated cover during all stages since they can turn into flies rather quickly.